Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Navhind times is Goa daily newspapers.

Name of Newspaper

Navhind times .

Contact Information of Navhind times

Navhind Times on the Web:
M s Navhind Papers and Publications Limited

Navhind Times is title as or

You can find latest news in goa and other loaction.

But we have to keep in mind Navhind times is goa centric.It deals in news in goa.But we can find bussiness and international news at navhind times or

In or navhind times you can find top three headlines of Goa, National and International sections. Navhind times also provide sensex updates and whether updates.

Features of navhind times or is easy to navigate.
Also you can provide comments on this navhind times news.

one drawbacks of navhind times is images are not updated regularly.You can also register at navhind times or website and voice your opinion in cybervoices.

you can also find famous tourist spots in Goa at navhind times or

The site also has a Virtual Goa section in which you shall find pictures of famous tourist spots in Goa.You can also make pen friends ( or email friends ) through this site.

However , despite navhind times or drawbacks the quality of news is good. Local issues are raised and coverage to national and international news items is also given. A good website to keep a tab on the pulse of Goa.


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