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rajasthan 8th board result

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In this page we are going to provide you information regarding rajasthan 8th board result . In these blog you can find latest information and notifications details .

rajasthan 8th board result has been announced . You can views the latest results of kalasalingam university semester results at this location. Please visit belwo mentioned website for more details.

Result Direct Link

rajasthan board official website is given below at this location all related results like about us , latest results , notifictions detaisl , DIET results can be found.

At present the Board is conducting the following examinations:-

Secondary School Examination (+10)
Senior Secondary Examination (10+2)
(Arts / Science / Commerce/ Fine Arts)
Praveshika Pariksha (+10) ( Sanskrit Shiksha)
Varishtha Upadhayay Parisksha (10+2)(Sanskrit Shiksha)
National Talent search examination ( 1ST level ) Regular
Science talent search examination. ( State level ) Regular

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8th Results 2010,  April 14, 2010 at 6:10 AM  

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